Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Charcutepalooza! an archive of French/Italian porky goodness

When the tide of good food starting rushing in, we all jumped for joy!
Then a meat storm happened. People were finding good farm raised products at their farmer's markets and in their CSA boxes.
Next a hurricane of butchers became 'cool' and pig tats appeared on all the wrong places.
So now, as the Salty Tsunami known as Charcutepalooza (created by the dynamic dames Kim Foster and Cathy Barrow otherwise known as The Yummy Mummy and Mrs Wheelbarrow) hits the international shores, we can say- we've been waiting for you all along! Welcome to our worlds. A world of charcuterie.

Our world is the Old World. As our banner says, we've been savoring the old world, one pig at a time for ...a while. Like a lot of you have been making hams, hang salumi, and grinding sausage longer than the trend, We- Judy Witts in Italy, and me, Kate Hill in France- began learning about this brave Old World centuries old trend when we both landed on foreign shores- about 25 years ago. We were thinner, younger...and considerably more naive.

So we invite you to look around here- a dual blog we started making while writing a conference seminar for IACP- called Saints Preserve Us- the tale of three pigs presented with Mr. Fergus Henderson, our meat mentor.

It started here: and although we both are celebrating Charcutepalooza on our own blogs with new posts- there is a lot of good food here. Explore and enjoy! and don;t hesitate to ask us questions. or start a conversation about Italy vs. France- we love to play that game!

Judy is still cooking up the best of Tuscany at
Kate is still preaching the Gascon gastronomy at