Sunday, December 02, 2007

Whole hog for the holidays


A splendid table of Cinta Senese products at a local fair in Italy.
Really whole hog!
Prosciutto, sausages, salami, blood sausage, cooked livers packed in rendered lard, preserved loin, more tender than prosciutto,
inspiring me for a winter project.

We have been lax in keeping up with the whole hog blog, but cooler weather will have us back dreaming about preserving pork in many ways and markets inspiring us to cook on!

But with the holidays coming
I recieved an email that brought a smile to my face.

I am so grateful for Grateful Palate
their catalog is a thing of beauty.

When we did our presentation in Seattle on Saints Preserve Us,
with Fergus Henderson
from Saint Johns in London
I ordered Bacon Brittle for our tasting.
Just one of the fabulous items in this great catalog!

Other items I have seen for pork lovers-

When I taught at Ramekins in Sonoma and cooked on
the Big Green Egg
I was a instant convert!

I would get the biggest Big Green Egg,
everything we cooked on it
was better,
and easier
than in the wood burning oven
or the Weber.

Then when I was looking for info on the web on
roasting a whole pig
I saw THIS

a roasting box
to do whole hogs...

let the partying begin!

happy holidays

Celebrate the PIG!


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