Friday, February 24, 2006

Fridays with Fergus 5

I have always been curious about what people do with the "other" parts of the pig.
So Fergus' recipe for Sorrel, Chicory and Crispy Ear Salad appealed to me.
The salad is simply the greens dressed with a mustard and caper vinegrette and garnished with fried pig ear strips.

Since I was boiling away, also decided to do the
Tongue and Beetroot Salad and have two salads.

Here in Tuscany it is normal to see all the parts of the cow, Florentines love tripe and other OFFAL... which is really good prepared well!

I have tasted all four of the cows stomachs, the most famous here being the last of the stomachs, called Lampredotto, which is used in the sandwiches sold at the street stands all over town.
We can also buy the udder, achilles tendon, cow face and the phallopian tubes and uterus all precooked and ready for the second cooking which then flavors and tenderizes even more!

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When shopping for pig parts, I can buy the ears, tongue, feet and tailsand even a whole head.

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I bought the ears as pictured in the foto on yesterday's blog and a small tongue cooked the ears and tongue yesterday and let them cool.

The beetroot salad was meant to be prepared with a salted ox tongue.
I simply cooked the small pig tongue with the ears in salted water with onions as we would here in Tuscany.
Fergus' recipe requires salting the beef tongue for 7 days before boiling.

When we prepare out boiled beef dinners, the meat is used as is straight from the market instead of brining.

I did brine the pork belly for the recipe I did and found the sweetness a little strange for my Tuscan Palate.

I loved the Tongue and Beetroot Salad, it was lovely, but the Crispy Pig Ears.. were not worth the mess!

This is not a recipe to do at home!
There was hot oil everywhere!

I saved some of the pig ears ( they were big pig ears!) and will cook them Tuscan style in white beans and a tomato sauce.
I tasted the pig ears after they were boiled and they do have that "lip smacking" fattiness that Fergus refers to and a richness but that gets lost in frying!

I immagine that it will instead enhance in the beans cooked in sauce as would the pig skin.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

I'm all EARS!

Getting ready for Friday with Fergus!!!