Friday, February 10, 2006

Fridays with Fergus-4

What I ate in two settings at Fergus Henderson's St.John Restaurant
on February 2 & 3 2006
with Tricia, Judy, Tim, Mark, John and ... Fergus.
madeira and seed cake
champagne and anchovy butter on toast
Roast Bone Marrow & Parsley Salad
Snails in Oakleaf garden
Teal and Beetroot
Crispy Pig's Cheek and Dandelion
Blood cake & fried eggs
Rabbit wrapped in Fennel Twigs & Bacon
Eccles Cake & Lancashire cheese
Treacle Sponge & Custard
Rhubarb eton Mess
Ginger Loaf & Butterscotch Sauce

Pigging out in other places

This past couple of weeks has been spent doing homework.


Both Kate and I attended Gourmet Voice in Cannes.

Here we met Làzlò Szucs from Hungary, who told us about the Mangalica Pigs , that were almost extinct breed after the war and are now thriving thanks to several cooperatives.

This week, Làzlò is filming on Pork and Paprika, sausage and salami making traditions in Hungary. Wish I was there!

I think they are beautiful! They look like wild boar with a permanent!

There was also a tasting of the Real Iberian Ham , which will soon be available in America. We here in Italy of course have easy access, although at the one shop I can get it, they only bring in the highest quality and it sells for 75 Euro a kilo instead of the 23Euro that Italian prosciutto goes for. The Pata Negra, named for the pig used, is also avialable in a younger version that also sells for around 25 Euro a kilo.

I heard rumors that the first Pata Negra's are already being ordered for America at $1,000 a prosciutto!

But here is some information on when and what will be brought in.

A lovely light lunch, at the hotel where the conference was being held, was a french club sandwich, bacon served sort of as a salad!

Do you see a theme here?

In Nice, we had lunch at La Merenda, what everyone said was the BEST food in Nice.. no reservations, no phone.. packed.. and what I felt was an Italian menu, pasta with pesto, tripe... but they had an Andouillette sausage that was fabulous.

Then off to London, to meet with our Guru, Fergus Henderson and lunch at the Temple!

We ate and drank our way through a fabulous lunch with Fergus, highlights..

The bone marrow and parsley salad ( the parsley is left whole, not like mine on the blog) .
My snail salad was lovely, recreating a garden like image!

The pig cheek salad with dandelion greens was one of the real winners and Fergus ordered the fried tripe with fried potatoes ( next time I am getting that), served with a vinegar dipping sauce with a whole pickled shallot.

A traditional tart served with and some great cheese and the Bumblebee dessert..
things did get a little fuzzy after the Champagne, red wine, dessert wine and the plum grappa!

If I lived in London, I would eat here often as the sandwiches on their homemade bread in the front dining room also looked really fabulous.

What trip to London would be perfect without Bangers and Mash, served at a fabulous pub near our friend Tricia's house.

And then a tour of the wonderful Borough Market, and the Artisans.
Tricia new them all, as she will be heading up a fabulous Food Lovers tour around England this fall.

I got my lessons on green ham, blood sausage from the butchers who raise their own pigs and fabulous cheeses from Neal's Yard Dairy.

And before leaving Trish cooked up a traditional breakfast with English ham, blood sausage and eggs.

This week.. yogurt and fruit!