Saturday, January 14, 2006

Some Pig Blogging Weekend

In honor of the Prince of Winter and San Antonio Abate, we are celebrating the Whole Hog here, and with the help of some friends share the festivities.

As Kate mentioned in a previous post, a farmer and his pig have a sacred relationship. One raises one's food with respect. As Fergus Henderson suggests, the animal should receive the same respect in the kitchen and be used Nose-to- Tail.

Let's see if we get recipes for everything but the OINK!

Bless these Recipes and their Cooks. Click here!

Our pork loving friends:

David L. from Paris's Chinatown had a work out making his Sui Mai, which has my mouth watering already.

Derrick was the first to send in his contribution for making your own Lard.

Typesetter from Milano wrote in English about Cotecchino, the cooked Salami so popular at the holidays served with lentils. She has more pork additions in her blog ( mostly in Italian)

From Sweden, Anne send us her Pork with Roots, perfect for a cold night.

You can never have too much Bacon, says Michele with her contribution of Pasta Carbonara!

Sylvie's recipe has a surprise ingredient!

A lot of mouths have been watering at Luisa's homecured bacon from Michael Ruhlman's new Charcuterie book. BLT's anyone?!

Laughing Emma from NZ broke down the sau-sages for us into enticing chili-infused ease.

I had to stop myself from making these oh-too-decadent Breakfast Cookies from Jennifer in the 'Cuse. Now that's putting your bacon where your mouth is!

Not one but TWO posts from MagicTofu- some people just can't get enough pig love.

Clotilde almost fooled us, but even 5 percent counts! oink/quack/oink.

Breakfast is served with memories at Sasha's House. Jiggety-jig.

Clare turned the world upside down from down under with her beans and pork!

British Bangers rule! Amy fell in pig love in London and still gets her kicks out of the frying pan...

A bit of gossip and a promise of good things to come from Cookiecrumb north of the Bay.

Rob in Toronto town must be challenging MagicTofu (it's a boy thing?) and is doubly blessed for a Boarish Bit of Italy and a must read for us all!

Sam shreds her way into the weekend with 14 pots, count them-14, of .... pork rillettes of course!

"These off cuts, innards, and extremities are the sardines of the meat world." who else but Brett!

Sexy, sexy, sexy hazelnut pork pate in a Melissa's lunchbox.

Comfort us with ham hocks and gravy from Susan's lovin' farm- and a special "Hey!" to Donkey Doodle Dandy from Sant'Antonio.

Terry in Eugene, gave us her thoughts on This Little Piggy

In honori the Whole well-loved Beast, Christine sends us an Oh, Henry! story of Pig & a great recipe to go with it.

Daniel's post on Egullet for Cooking 40 pounds of pork make great reading!

Tana's Ode to the Pig provides some thoughtful links as well as a tasty recipe.

Kate's singing in the French Kitchen.

Judy's eating sweet boudin crepes at the blessing and wondering all about the Tuscan great bounty from the pig!

Happy New Year from Judy and Kate and all the piggies!


From friend Heidi Cusick Dickerson-"Hi Kate, I wanted to send you the information on the black footed pig producer in case you can use it. I got the information from the book Pig Perfect by Peter Kaminsky. Salaison des Pyrenees in Borderes sur Gers. Owner is Frederico Bonomelli (a Franco/Italian for your story about the Italians in southern France!) He also produces Dauguin's magret de canard. In Time magazine I just read that the jamon iberico made from acorn-fed black footed pigs will be imported to US in 2008. At least 200 customers have deposited $199 each to purchase the hams when they come in and will cost about $1000 plus. However the first chorizo and sausages made from these pigs will be available in the US early this year.

And a note from the Cuisinier Grincheux- On Tuesday January 17th the students and chefs of the Academy of Culinary Arts in Mays Landing New Jersey will be breaking down two whole pigs which will then be turned into hams, sausages, etc. for use in their Charcuterie class. Any pictures from the Sabadini's farm would be greatly appreciated teaching tools. Almost like being there. Cranky

Dear Cranky- especially for you... stay tuned. I'm dancing as fast as I can!


Anonymous Clare Eats said...

Thanks for such a quick hogariffic round-up!

2:15 AM  
Blogger Sam said...

excellent - thanks

3:37 AM  
Blogger farmgirl said...

This was such a fabulous idea and so much fun. And the "blessing" is just the cherry on top (or would that be the apple in the pig's mouth?) Now I just need to bring Donkey Doodle Dandy up to the house and turn the computer monitor toward the window so he can be blessed! : )

12:44 PM  
Blogger David said...

I'm fit to be tied, reading all there...'hog-tied' that is! Great round up...

1:35 PM  
Anonymous Luisa said...

Thank you for the great round-up. I'm so pleased to have participated!

9:54 PM  
Anonymous Melissa said...

Mmm, I'm going to be eating pork for quite a while, from the looks of things! Great event!

5:49 PM  
Blogger Tana Butler said...

Yikes, did I miss the boat?

I pigged out last weekend, too!

Ode to the Pig

10:19 PM  

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